SEAAPM Business Meeting

March 6, 2004

Charlotte, North Carolina

The meeting was called to order 4:16 PM by President David Vassy

2003 Minutes:

The minutes of the 2003 meeting were approved.


The winners of the 2004 election of officers were announced as follows:

· President-elect: Perry Sprawls

· Secretary: George David

· Treasurer: David Gauntt


Treasurer's Report (David Gauntt):

The treasurer's report was distributed to meeting attendees as part of their registration packages. There followed a short discussion of expenses associated with the dinner meal at 2003 meeting.

Chapter Board Representative Report (given by John Gibbons):

The board representative’s report was distributed to meeting attendees as part of their registration packages. A discussion followed concerning the need for the SEAAPM to provide a new representative the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors Inc. (CRCPD). Robert Wilson made a motion to have the president ask Tom Slowey to serve in this capacity. An amendment was proposed by George David and accepted by Robert Wilson that the incoming president Andrew Karellas select and appoint a chapter representative to the CRCPD. The amended motion passed.

No CRCPD Board Representative Report:

Old Chapter Business:

Chapter Lifetime Achievement Award:

President Dave Vassy had been tasked with establishing criteria for a "Lifetime Achievement Award" based on SEAAPM chapter involvement. A draft set of criteria developed by the executive committee was distributed. Bob Dixon pointed out that the award’s title was the same as that used by the AAPM. Robert Wilson suggested renaming the award to the "Distinguished Achievement Award". Jerry Allison suggested removing a provision for requiring a recommendation by two SEAAPM members and simply leaving it up to the SEAAPM executive committee to designate awardees. Jerry Allison also pointed out that we don’t have chapter meeting attendance records on which to base the draft’s requirement for regular attendance. Perry Sprawls suggested that having the most recent three past-presidents serve as a rotating committee to select awardees. David Gauntt suggested a procedure where any chapter member could nominate a member for this award to the executive committee who would then pass the nomination to the three past-presidents who would then make the final decision. Dave Vassy said that after the meeting he would edit the draft document using the suggestions and comments provided and e-mail the updated draft to those in attendance at the business meeting.

Best Paper Award:

19 papers were submitted for consideration and President Dave Vassy solicited numerous reviewers. After careful consideration, it was decided that the following two papers merited the award:

· "Dosemetric effect of respiration-gated beam on IMRT delivery" by Jun Duan, Sui Shen, John B. Fiveash, Ivan A. Brezovich, Richard A. Popple, and Prem N. Pareek which was published in the August, 2003 edition of Medical Physics

· "A new look at CT dose measurement: Beyond CTDI" by Robert L. Dixon which was published in the June, 2003 edition of Medical Physics

New Business:

2005 SEAAPM Meeting:

The SEAAPM has three offers for the 2005 meeting.

1) The North Carolina Radiological Society and South Carolina Radiological Society have invited the SEAAPM to join them in 2005 for their annual meeting. It is already scheduled to take place on March 19-20, 2005 in Charleston, South Carolina at the Embassy Suites & Hampton Inn on Meeting St. The meeting’s format is still believed to be open.

2) Ken Vanek has offered to do local arrangements in Charleston, South Carolina for 2005

3) Patrick Booton has offered to do local arrangements in Savannah, Georgia for 2005

The consensus of members present was that the 2004 joint meeting with the radiology societies was positive and a great deal of interest was expressed to meet with these groups again in 2005. Perry Sprawls moved to meet in Charleston with the North and South Carolina Radiological Societies for 2005. The motion passed.

2005 Symposium:

John Gibbons made a motion that the SEAAPM host a symposium on diagnostic, therapy, and PET aspects of radiological shielding for 2005. Dave Vassy pointed out that we required someone to agree to host such a symposium rather than a motion. Robert Dixon agreed to host the suggested symposium provided that it receive proper funding and that further details and assistance be given to him.

2006 SEAAPM Meeting

It was pointed out that the Savannah option was open for 2006. The consensus of the membership present was that the chapter will have met in the eastern portion of the region the last several times and should attempt to meet further west. Atlanta was also discussed as an option for 2006. Robin Miller suggested soliciting a local arrangements host for 2006 via e-mail to the membership and then offering the top three options as determined by the executive committee to the membership to vote on via e-mail.

Inviting students to SEAAPM activities:

President Dave Vassy suggested that the SEAAPM attempt to attract local students to our meetings. Discussion followed on who should be our target audience including undergraduate and graduate college student, high school physics students, and college professors. Jerry Allison suggested that the SEAAPM ask Ken Vanek to identify and invite these individuals to our 2005 meeting in Charleston. Perry Sprawls suggested that a half-day session could be tailored to guest students and faculty. It was also mentioned that these individuals should register so that we would have an accurate head count but that they would not be charged. Also they would not be invited to the evening social event.

SEAAPM Database:

George Sherouse asked whether we contact all AAPM members in the southeast. Secretary George David stated that he gets updates from AAPM annually but that he will attempt to again synchronize the two databases so that all AAPM members living in the southeast will be included.


President Dave Vassy thanked our vendors for participating, and made special mention of Computerized Medical Systems, Inc.(CMS) for acting as sponsor. President Vassy also thanked president-elect Andrew Karellas for the excellent scientific program and secretary George David and treasurer David Gauntt for their work. President Vassy also identified a number of SEAAPM members who are active in AAPM

The virtual gavel was passed to incoming President Andrew Karellas.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:29 PM

Respectfully submitted,

George David, Secretary SEAAPM

Members identified as being present at SEAAPM business meeting:

Jerry Allison
Gary Barnes
ZJ Cao
George David
Michael Dubose
Bob Dixon
Casimir Eubig
David Gauntt
John Gibbons
William Morrison Jackson
Andrew Karellas
Kerry Maughon
Robin Miller
George Sherouse
Perry Sprawls
Dave Vassy
Robert Wilson
Mike Yester
Nathan Yanasak